Miami Wedding Photographer | Katie & Jose

January 15, 2019
Miami Wedding Photographer

Katie and Jose are such an adorable couple. I can remember when I sat down with them to plan their session and we were trying to think about the things that they liked to do, travel was one of their favorite things to do, but the next closest thing was to just be together as they did anything and everything. Katie being both that southern belle from Tennessee and tom-boy who would be more comfortable in mother nature, and Jose being a huge fan of hiking I knew that the Green Cay Nature Preserve would be the perfect place to go.

Asking these to to be cute and adorable was far from difficult, and they relished any chance to be goofy! One of my favorite moments was conspiring with Jose to lift Katie and then running towards me. As soon as he scooped Katie up all you could hear was a brief squeak from her and then laughing as he started running towards me. Its definitely never a dull moment on our shoots!

Enjoy a selection from Katie & Jose’s session below!

Katie & Jose

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